The Band

:Papille Gustative is a young rock/blues band from Genoa, Italy. Born in 2018, from a group of high school friends, it started as a random project. While they still are experimenting with their original sound, trying to come up with new songs and sounds during reharsals, they love making covers of some of the greatest rock hits of all time, reinterpreting, and learning as much as they can. While they still are novices, they are putting in all the effort to grow their musical identity.

Andy Costo is a multi-instrumentalist that in :Papille Gustative plays mostly the guitar, but also the piano, and they sometimes sneak in songs with backing vocals. They don't know what they're gonna do in the future but is certain that music will be in it. They're the emo one, but they also like the old medieval and victorian style, both historically and musically.
Lorenzo "Leo" Leonardini is a wannabe musician and computer scientist. In the band he mainly plays guitar and saxophone, but he puts his hands on whatever can produce a sound. He tries to listen to and learn from any music genre, and he is studying the basic sound engineering to produce :Papille Gustative's as well as his own songs. He is a huge tech nerd and he's planning to bleep bloop soon with a DIY synth.
Ilaria is the bass player in :Papille Gustative, but she also plays the guitar, the ocarina and she is learning other instruments, such as the drums (thanks to the band's drummer Zanna) and harmonica. She's a self taught musician from the age of seven and her favourite music genres are rock, metal and blues.
Zanna (formally Danilo Zanello) is the drummer, percussionist and aspiring backing vocalist (he's working on it) in :Papille Gustative. He's a self taught musician deeply inspired by bands from the '60s, always seeking both experimentation and simplicity in the music-making process. He's also a visual artist and he loves to combine music and drawings (in fact, he takes care of the cover art for :Papille's singles!).